In depth practice and leadership training

CoreConnexion Transformational Arts® 






A moving practice of presence…

with Founder Eva Vigran, MA Psych and Senior Faculty Nadia Van Doren

The Practice

Learn in-depth practices to work effectively with body, awareness, movement, energy and emotions to foster physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing and well-being for yourself and your community.

The body is a wonderful anchor for our conscious awareness and a storehouse of gifts, talents and deep wisdom. Movement is not something that we do, but something that we are.

Putting body and movement together takes us beyond the limits of thought and speech, into the non-verbal space of sensations, emotions and moving aliveness where we can tap into our organic resources, body intelligence and natural self-healing forces.

Core Connexion invites us to be connected to our most authentic sense of self through a holistic way of working. The practice speaks to all levels of our intelligence:

Core Connexion invites…

* us to perceive our bodily sensations consciously. This opens the gates to the present moment and leads to embodiment and presence;

* the heart to open to acceptance, compassion and interconnection;

* the mind to open in order to perceive life with curiosity and to create a new way of thinking and reframing;

* the spirit by developing a regular practice through conscious movement and centering. This anchors us in our lives and gives us access to our inner refuge;

* the soul to be a passionate dancer in a space which lies beyond our personality and social roles. There we can find and follow our unique expression in the dance between the mundane and the eternal.

The Core Connexion practice is based on “8 Core Connexion Keys” which are designed to open our awareness to the present moment through sensory awareness and to activate our organic self-healing forces by mobilizing, circulating or calming our life force through the systems of the body, heart, mind and spirit.

An  interdisciplinary approach  of different techniques from movement, expression, dance, psychology, brain science, martial arts and meditation helps participants of all ages to develop their individual resources and creative potential.

Practicing deeply in and with a community of Core Connexion practitioners and in addition to that, a few minutes a day of focused individual practice, has positive effects on your happiness, well-being, aliveness and creativity. Integrating these powerful principles into your daily life brings more clarity, compassion and connection to your relationships and community.

The Training

During this training, Eva Vigran and Nadia Van Doren will guide you through powerful practices to successfully connect with your body as a resource and harness its potential.

You’ll engage with sensory awareness, conscious movement, dance, hands-on work, centering, expressive arts and meditation in a group to awaken the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of your body to  help you to be present, release stress and renew vitality. In addition to foundational and advanced teachings, you’ll learn how to shape a gentle, personal practice that can transform the effects of aging, illness and stress.

Level 1 – Basic level: Re-inhabiting the body

3 week long modules (6.2 days each) with Eva Vigran and with Nadia Van Doren & online course, 151 hours

Prerequisites for entering the training at level 1:

1) 20 Core Connexion hours with Eva Vigran or Faculty

2) Application + Questionnaire

The first year of self experiential learning is designed for those who want to dive more deeply into the Core Connexion process and for those who want to integrate Core Connexion into their personal and professional lives: parents, teachers, care givers, people in healing professions and those who want to start training to become a Core Connexion facilitator… Core Connexion is for all people who want to begin a new chapter in their lives.

When you join Eva Vigran and faculty in level 1 and 2, you will benefit by learning the following principles:

1. Presence and embodiment: Entering the now through techniques of conscious perception, sensory awareness and somatic experience. The 8 Core Connexion keys; the effect of different kinds of touch.

2. Aliveness: Movement as meditation, development of movement repertoire, life energy to enhance fitness of body, mind, awareness and brain capacity. Melting frozen energy into creative freedom. Movement meditation: the Core Connexion Cycle;

3. Resilience, strength, power and purpose: Through centering practice participants experience their own center as a source of power and uniqueness;

4. Wholeness and wellbeing: Awakening compassion for self and others. Embracing the whole self and life;

5. Transforming blocks into creativity and vitality: Creativity as resource and healing force, exploration and enhancing of expression through different creative arts… authentic movement, drawing, writing… Nature helps us to get in touch with our inner nature;

6. Interest and intention: Guiding one’s attention consciously. Connecting to and applying all levels of intelligence. Understanding the messages of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. Basic understanding of somatic processes;

7. Developing the inner witness in relationship to self and others;

8. Growing the practice into daily life… awareness of self, community, spirituality and interconnection; Growing Core Connexion into the Community: The effects of music, rhythm, space, rituals and inner attitude in a group.

At the end of level 1 trainees have a basic understanding of Core Connexion and are able to share a basic Core Connexion Cycle with their community.

At this level trainees become “Apprentices”.

Level 2 – Growing into Life  

Bringing Core Connexion into everyday life and the community 

Basic level of embodied and authentic leadership

2 weeklong modules with Eva Vigran, 2 weekends with Nadia Van Doren & online course: 114 hours

Level 2 builds on level 1 and is designed for those people who

a) want to facilitate Core Connexion sessions and classes;

b) want to integrate Core Connexion into their professional lives and build their competence and confidence when working with people;

c) want to deepen their practice in Core Connexion for their personal practice

d) want to bring their authentic self to their lives and careers

e) want to integrate their own learning into their work of holding space for the healing process

f) want to bring more aliveness, openness and learning into all parts of their communities

Course Curriculum

In Level 2 we focus on enhancing and deepening the knowledge and practice of level 1.

We build professional leadership and competency in Core Connexion: Didactics, observation, techniques, instruction, theoretical background, application of the Core Connexion principles and keys as a facilitator. In addition to that we explore

*  the behavioral and bodily patterning caused by society, religion and culture 

* peer teaching and peer meetings where participants practice the principles & Community Service

* a deepening practice of the CCKeys

* the effects of different kinds of movement, touch, music on body and psyche

  • the personal, individual application of Core Connexion in personal and professional life
  • Core Connexion and trauma

* the development of one’s individual teaching style in Core Connexion.

Graduation Requirements for becoming Facilitator of CCTA (Core Connexion Transformational Arts):

1) Complete required reading and writing assignments (reflective papers after each module). Some of the required reading material is provided, some needs to be purchased.

2) Complete personal practice requirements (attend Core Connexion classes regularly if possible (if those are not available in your area, alternatives can be discussed), peer meetings, facilitating communal classes/events.

3) Attend 90% of the classes of all the Modules.

4) Attendance of either 10 Core Connexion classes (Mondays or Thursdays) in Calgary or 5 workshops in Edmonton, or a workshops in Montreal with Nadia Van Doren, Mike Yaunish, Gabriela Ostendorfer, Avril Whitney … Special trainee class rates apply for workshops.

5) 10 somatic sessions of your choice during the time of Level 1 and 2, either hands on or in a group. (Feldenkrais, Rosenwork, Alexander Technique, Middendorf Breath Technique, Qi Gong, Cranio Sacral, … etc.)

6) Trainees have to acquaint themselves with a music computer program like i-tunes, Mix Meister.

After successful completion the trainee has met the certification requirements and has earned the right to use the title “Core Connexion Facilitator” and use the name “Core Connexion Transformational Arts”.  

Level 1 & 2 teaches the basics of Core Connexion and qualifies graduates to facilitate Core Connexion on the basic level. After successful completion of level 1 and 2 Core Connexion Graduates can take Level 3 as supervision and continuing education for their work with Core Connexion in the world. Level 3 is not included in the fee for level 1 & 2. We recommend you take Level 3 if you want to teach Core Connexion on a regular basis.

To keep the official title of Core Connexion Facilitator each CC Graduate has to take a Core Connexion Workshop with either Eva Vigran or Faculty, in order to stay on top of the latest developments in the field.

Required Reading for Level 1:

Core Connexion Manual – included

Core Connexion Reader – included

Wendy Palmer: “Intuitive body” not included

one or two more books from our reading list

For Level 2

      Core Connexion Manual of Level 2

Two/three more books from our list: to be determined.

Place: Calgary, AB, Canada.

One of the modules in Level 1 or 2 might be in a retreat center, where additional fees for housing and transportation will apply.

Level 3: Continuing education: 

Mentoring, Supervision, Authentic, Deepening of the Practice and advanced level of Embodied Leadership

Required for all CC-Graduates who would like to apply to be a CC-Faculty member and assist and co-teach in CC-Trainings.

Prerequisite:  successful completion of level 1 & 2

In level 3 graduates are asked to act as mentors to trainees and also to re-experience Core Connexion on a Meta-level through the eyes of a facilitator throughout a level 1 and 2 program and to keep up to date with the evolution of Core Connexion practices and method. You can take level 3 during the next level 1&2 training.

Curriculum level 3:

  • Movement observation
  • Deeper levels of the keys.

* Resourcing, tracking of energy and healing through the body

* Therapeutic intervention

* Core Connexion and Trauma

  • Core Connexion in different settings
  • Deepening of embodied and authentic leadership skills
  • Online Supervision and discussion of classes, sessions and therapeutic interventions

For more info and prices on level 3 please contact Nadia.

Faculty: Eva Vigran + Nadia Van Doren

Faculty for peer days + peer weekend: Nadia Van Doren and Team

Eva Vigran, MA Psych, is the founder and creative director of Core Connexion. A native of Germany, she has taught movement and expressive Arts since 1994 throughout Europe, Canada and the US. She holds a M.A. in Somatic Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco. Eva’s Background in a wide variety of somatic and movement disciplines, as well as Theater, somatic and trauma psychology, biology, the contemplative and visual arts – contribute to her work at Core Connexion. She brings to her teaching and individual sessions a thorough and grounded knowledge of the physical self and the psyche, with a passion for movement, joy and truth as expressed through the body. Published booklet: “Alive in the Now” in 2007.

Nadia Van Doren is a certified facilitator and faculty member of Core Connexion Transformational Arts in Calgary, Canada. She has been teaching in Calgary and facilitating and assisting at international Core Connexion retreats and trainings since 2010. She has been dancing since she could stand on two feet and shares her love of dance and all the value it has brought to her life with others. Nadia believes dance is for every-body and is a way to inspire awareness of who we are in the world. She is honored to invite you to join her in authentic dance and to explore your body’s innate guidance, wisdom, and truth.

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