Nadia Van Doren (Calgary)

I lead Core Connexion, because here we can let creation happen, we can open ourselves to limitless information that is available to us through our inner wisdom.   With this Art of Moving Presence I’ve uncovered more presence and centeredness in my daily life. With practice we can bring a still centre into whatever situation we find ourselves in, and that to me is invaluable.   What I love most about Core Connexion is the foundation that it is built on community, and imnclusion of everyone, not to judge eachother or the situation but to greet everything with Curiousity and wonder.  With this work we can receive insights from the body intelligence which benefits ourselves, eachother, our community and the world. It is not just a practice for the studio, but one that resources me in all areas of my life. I have been facilitating Core Connexion Transformational Arts@ since 2007 and have been part of the Core Connexion Training Faculty since 2011.  I have experience facilitating large groups of 100+ to smaller groups of 2 or 4 for personal practice. I have taught Ages 6-93, in person and Online.   If you would like to bring Core Connexion to your community please contact me. 

You can reach her via email: